Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome to my world.................

Here you can wander through my realm and meet all the wonderful characters from my imagination. The ideas for my soft sculpture dolls come from many different places.  Quite often it is the fabric itself which speaks to me like a piece of marble speaks to a sculptor.  Below are a few of the most recent additions to this whimsical world in which I live and create.

Each doll is one of a kind and full of little details.  I welcome comments from all and will be sharing my designs here as they come into being.

I am available for commissions.  You can contact me at

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Eolande, Feb 2012

Eolande, detail

Untitled, Jan 2012

A Helping Hand, Nov 2011
IQF exhibit

Sanibella, Dec 2011

Ailleann of the Otherworld
about to turn into a deer and enchant King Arthur
April 2011

Trudi Watkins class doll
May 2011

Material Girls
Secret Sister exchange
May 2011

Angela Jarecki class doll

Raggle Taggle Gypsy, Sep 2011
IQF Gypsy Challenge entry

My alter ego...

Bee Sweet, Sep 2010
IQF entry

Finders Keepers
Colleen Babcock class

Maid Marian
Apr 2011

Mermaid pin
May 2011

Spring Maiden
Feb 2010

Tutu Cute
Feb 2011

Mar 2011

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