Friday, February 24, 2012

Absinthe, The Green Fairy

She started out as a tribute to Alphons Mucha, the God of Leanne’s idolatry.  Somehow along the way she spiraled into this quasi Art Nouveau/Tudor creation!  The Mucha influences are still there – the hair decorations, the hairstyle itself, the dragonfly motif, but somewhere along the way she took a decidedly Tudor turn…  Maybe it’s because I was sitting across from Tudor costume goddess Nina Burke as she was being created at Leanne’s first annual Gecko Galz Retreat last weekend.  Maybe it was having just watched a couple of episodes of The Tudors.

In any case, Absinthe, who has firmly rejected her initial hair color as well as the two different pairs of wings I have tried to give her, is almost finished.  She awaits her wings and a few finishing touches.  I'll post a photo when she is completely finished.  I hope you like her!

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