Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Over The Moon

On the eve of my departure for my second honeymoon (to Venice, no less!), I'm positively over the moon.  But not for the reason you might think. 

Being relatively new at this cloth doll thing, I have only taken 3 classes.  My very first class was with the internationally renowned doll artist Colleen Babcock.  It was a marvelous class and I learned so very much.  I feel very fortunate that while Colleen started out as teacher, I now count her as dear friend.  Her dolls are simply magical and for two days I was allowed to bask in her brilliance.

Not only a talented dollmaker, Colleen is also a terrific writer with a very successful blog.  I would encourage everyone to pop over to The Magic Bean and become a follower.

Color me shocked that when Colleen decided to make her March blogs specific to all things historical, she asked me to be a guest blogger!  I awoke on this beautiful Texas morning to find that my guest article had posted.  Here is a link to my guest post -

Here is my version of Colleen's "Finders Keepers" from her class with my doll club, The Material Girls:

As if that weren't enough, I walk to the mailbox this morning and discovered a letter of some import.  Here in Houston we have one of the largest conventions in the US, The International Quilt Show.  A truly marvelous week of exhibits (not just quilts), classes and an unrivaled vendor hall, it happens every fall.  This is where I discovered cloth dolls.

My doll club sets up the doll exhibit which includes four separate sections - The Material Girls, TAODA (Texas Association of Original Doll Artists), The Gypsy Challenge and In Celebration of the Doll (an invitation only exhibit).  It's always such fun to see all the entries up close and personal!

When I see the return address of one specific letter, my heart starts to pound...  Quickly tearing into it, I think I might have screamed - it was from the head of the jury for In Celebration of the Doll and I had been invited to design a doll for the exhibit!

Ideas for my entry are already swirling and bubbling...  I have a feeling she will be heavily influenced by my impending trip to Venice!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diamond, a Flower Fairy Ballerina

Hobby Lobby.  It's an evil place for those with more inspiration than time...   Just a quick trip, I told myself.  I'll be in and out in 5 minutes.  Just go straight to the ribbon, grab what I need, done.  Right.  Like that's ever happened!

I made it to the sewing department, ignoring the 50% off frames that were "pssstttting" at me.  The little wooden candle holder that looked just like a chair tried to get my attention but I was resolute.  Ribbon in hand, I almost skipped back to the check out stand, giddy that I was actually going to do it this time!  I was going to make it out without - what's that?  No.  Silk flowers don't interest me.  Surely my overactive muse wasn't drawing me over to that section...  So close!  The register was just a few feet away.  But no, it was too late.  I was already walking over.

New for Spring, in a riot of colors, were these big, beautiful silk flowers that had latin script all over them.  Ideas starting exploding in my mind - fairies, flower fairies...  You know you're a mynah bird, my muse whispers.  You love jewels...  Look at the colors; the white - Diamond; the blue - Aquamarine; the pink - Tourmaline; the lavender - Amethyst.  Before I could even take a breath, I was grabbing one of each color.  Sigh.  Evil place.

Diamond is the first in this series of Jeweled Flower Fairies.  I hope you enjoy her!