Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eolande's Journey

It's funny how a simple thing like a bit of trim or a flash of color as you're walking down an aisle in the fabric store can start the creative ball rolling.  While working on an entry for the Houston International Quilt Festival, I ran to the fabric store to pick up some fresh needles for my Bernina.  It just so happened that they were having a sale.  (Is there a seamstress alive that can resist fabric when it's on sale?!)  On the bottom shelf, admidst the home dec bolts, a soft shimmer caught my eye.  Velvet.  Pale lavender cross-woven with silver...  So not my color palate of record.  So unable to leave on the shelf.

I threw my purchase into my velvet stash and went back to work.  It wasn't long before a little voice started whispering to me - "pssssttt..."  It was tiny and easy to ignore.  "Pssstttt!  I'd look really nice with that bit of silver jeweled trim you found at AntiqueWeekend..."

I firmly told my muse to hush, I was busy and needed to concentrate.  Here's the thing with muses.  They don't listen; they just get louder!  Before I even realized it was happening, a project box appeared as if by magic (fairy magic, perhaps?) in my hands and I was pulling items from my stash.

I will say that Eolande, my lavender fairy, was polite and did indeed let me finish my Quilt Festival doll, but once it was complete, she would not let me rest!  Below is Eolande's journey into being...

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